We only use traditionally proven joinery techniques that has been used for generations in traditional joinery. Our joints will not start to come apart after a while, like some DIY and budget joinery shops and stores, we use the correct joint for the right job.

We use fully morticed and tenoned joints in our doors and slot tenons for windows. This produces flush corners, so there are no horns to remove, preventing the ends from going untreated before installation.

All our work is fully guaranteed for 10 years of normal use, providing the products are maintained correctly. This is our standard guarantee, but the products we make will last generations of enjoyment for the family.

The finishing products that we use are covered by the manufactures themselves i.e. paints and stains.

Sealed glass units in the windows and doors are guaranteed for 5 years usually by the manufacturer, but again, in a wooden window, door or conservatory should last for decades, unlike PVC U where excessive movement causes the seals to fail, allowing humidity to get between the glass units, and then needs replacing.


We can make staircases to your requirements. This beautiful solid oak staircase has to be one of the largest single flights of stairs possible at 5m in length and at 1.5m wide! The strings (the timber that goes up the sides, where the treads and risers are housed in to) are 350mm x 50mm solid oak, twice that of a standard string! We exceeded the expectations of the customer, who we worked very closely with, even down to choosing the oak from the supplier. Oak capping has been recently added around the galleried area for an added wow! factor.


We make stunning internal and external solid wooden doors like this Idigbo door with insulation between the cladding for extra thermal benefits. All our doors are properly morticed and tenoned the old fashioned way, that will last you a lifetime of use. Not like some other flimsy shop bought doors!


We have been making more and more wooden windows as customers are realizing the huge benefits over plastic ones. A properly made wooden window will out last a plastic one many times over, and if properly maintained, will look as good as new for many years to come. In fact, the windows will look better as time goes on. A beautiful wooden window will really enhance the appearance and value of your home. You can also specify triple glazing!

A plastic window is also over 20 times more un-environmentally friendly than a timber window!! as the timber used is from renewable woodlands.

Wooden window manufacturing has come a long way with the use of CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) made tooling, that will not leave sharp edges on the window (Paint won’t stick for long on a sharp edge, and would normally start to peel there first)


These High performance windows can be double sealed with High security locks and friction hinges, with night vents and trickle vents.

We can produce all different types of windows from Bespoke or matching windows for conservation or heritage areas, to production high performance windows using our bespoke tooling and new machinery.

Our Production windows are very popular due to our fantastic finished products, and the fact we can offer them at very competitive prices. Due to our systems we employ, man hours are drastically reduced, saving out customers waiting times and money.

We will soon be able also offer a service that can offer a one off window turn-a-round of 24 – 48 hrs! Just as soon as our new machinery arrives.
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