We offer a full “Turnkey” delivery and installation services, where our fully qualified Carpenters and Joiners will install our beautifully made furniture.

We deliver for free within a 10 mile radius with minimum order of £2000, but please inquire.


We also offer a measuring service at additional costs depending on location. We do not however offer an installation service anymore due to high work loads in our new bespoke joinery shop, We can arrange this though through a sub contractor is required.


Having a perfect pitch won’t do you any good if it isn’t pitched in just the right places. And with the plethora of mediums out there today, you need an expert (or three) on your side to help ensure that the message is conveyed at just the right time and place. Our media buying experts specialize in ensuring that every digital dollar you spent contributes to your overall goal, and we audit our process at every stage to ensure that your campaign remains as relevant on its twentieth day as it was on its first day. 


We also have a new 950mm wide belt sander just arrived for large volume sanding requirements, you can put a whole door through up to 950 wide! Please call for further info. Clean and unpainted timber only. It’s a £15000 machine.


Timbers range from MDF for it’s cost effectiveness, through to beautiful English Oaks. 

We predominately manufacture windows doors and staircases as well as special bespoke projects. 

Windows consist of sliding sash windows traditionally weighted and high performance spiral balanced. High Performance 24mm double glazed and 36mm triple glazed windows as low as 0.9W/M2! 

Current building regs required 1.5W/M2. SBD (Secure By Design) Police accredited, Multi point locking mechanisms on all external doors, french door and Bi folding doors. 

Bespoke staircase from winders to spiral to straight flights form solid materials not laminated!
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